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Policeman shoots student for not wearing mask in DR Congo



Security forces standby in Kinshasa during demonstrations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on 19 and 20 December 2016.

A Democratic Republic of Congo policeman has shot a student who was not wearing a mask while filming on the streets of the capital, witnesses said on Sunday.

“Our friend Honore Shama, a student in the faculty of arts at the University of Kinshasa, was filming a video as part of his acting practical work requirement,” Patient Odia, a friend who was present at the confrontation, told AFP.

“A policeman told him to wear a mask during the filming.”

“Despite his (Shama’s) explanations and after having showed him a mask, the policeman, who was expecting to be offered money, became infuriated, accused him of resisting and shot him at point-blank range.”

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Other witnesses told a similar story to the popular Top Congo radio as well as several online news sites.

The policeman responsible has fled and the city’s police are searching for him, the head of Kinshasa police, General Sylvano Kasongo, told AFP.

“Police have detained two police officers, present during the incident provoked by their irresponsible colleague… as well as the head” of a local police station, he said.

“The search continues to find the fugitive policeman,” Kasongo said.

Wearing a mask is obligatory in DR Congo, with transgressors fined 10,000 Congolese frances (five dollars, four euros).

In Kinshasa, police are regularly accused of harassment and of pocketing the mask fines they collect.

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DR Congo has registered 47,786 Covid-19 cases and 1,021 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Vaccinations have been halted in the country since July 10, because the AstraZeneca vaccines in stock passed their expiration date.

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Nigerian bandits attack military base in Zamfara, kill 12 officers



A Nigerian soldier on duty. Image used for illustration

Twelve officers were killed and three wounded over the weekend when Fulani gunmen attacked a military base in Mutumji, in the Dansadau local government area of ​​Zamfara state.

Nine members of the air force, two police officers and a personnel of the Nigerian army are the victims of the latest attack.

The bandits took away weapons and set the military base on fire, military sources said.

Meanwhile, a source at Defense Headquarters said there was a complete shutdown of GSM communications in the area, adding that operations were underway to calm down.

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Lawless Nigerian DSS denies U.S lawyer access to Nnamdi Kanu



Kanu is being detained by the DSS since June 2021 after being seized in Kenya and illegally repatriated to Nigeria. The government accuses him of treason and other baseless crimes for calling for a referendum on an independent state known as Biafra in the east of the country.

The Nigerian lawless Department of State Services (DSS has denied United States’ Bruce Fein and other lawyers access to Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Bruce Fein, a U.S. lawyer, arrived in Abuja on Thursday but was denied access to the Biafran pro-independence leader, said Ifeanyi Ejiofor — Kanu’s legal counsel.

“Yesterday’s Court ordered visit to Our Client- Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was aborted by the officials of the State Security Services on a reason we find extremely ridiculous. Following the arrival of Mr. Bruce Fein, a foremost American trained Constitutional Law Lawyer and IPOB’s Attorney in the United States of America, the game obviously took an interesting twist,” said Ejiofor in a statement issued on Friday.

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“Despite our formal notification to the Service, in line with the existing protocol, and in compliance with the Court-Ordered guideline, the officials of the Department of State Security Services came up with an excuse, “that the person assigned to receive us during yesterday’s visit was on A SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT”, and as such, the visit cannot be conducted. This is not only ridiculous but a clear violation of the Court Order on guideline for visiting our Client- Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

“For the records, we have been consistently visiting Our Client on the specified days and time of the week, and there hasn’t been any time we were denied access to him on the ground that an individual assigned to receive us was not available.
Needless to mention, that no one individual has been specifically assigned to receive us on any of the visits. They are fully aware that the visit takes place every Monday and Thursday.

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“Thankfully, we have another date for Monday, and we do hope that this individual will be available on Monday to receive us, whilst we have taken steps to formally bring this latest infraction to the attention of the Court.

“We will continue to update you all, while we continue to urge for your relentless prayers and understanding. We are winning, you can be assured.”

Since 2015, after President Muhammadu Buhari took power as Nigeria’s president, the DSS has been seen disobeying several orders issued by the country’s courts.

Kanu is being detained by the DSS since June 2021 after being seized in Kenya and illegally repatriated to Nigeria.

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The government accuses him of treason and other baseless crimes for calling for a referendum on an independent state known as Biafra in the east of the country.

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BREAKING: Police arrest Nigeria’s Biafran separatists in Ghana



Image: Members of IPOB during a protest in London

An unspecified number of members of Biafra’s independence group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), were arrested by police in Ghana on Sunday.

They were arrested during a meeting at Mallam Junction in Accra,  said a source who revealed that everyone at the scene had been arrested.

Police have yet to release any statement confirming the incident and reason for the arrest.

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