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I have been paying rent to my wife as my ‘landlady’



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Ugandan man named Isaac recounted how he paid rent for a house he knew not belong to his wife

According to Kampala Sqoop, Isaac, who has been married to his wife for five years, continued to pay rent until one day he found out his wife owned the house she claimed belonged to someone else.

“My name is Isaac, I have been married to my wife for the past 5 years and what I didn’t know is that the house we have been renting belongs to her.

“Before moving into this house, we were renting an apartment in Najjera and she brought the idea of leaving Najjera ‘because she was uncomfortable with being in Najjera’.

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“I okayed her idea and told her that I would look for a house as soon possible. When I returned home one day from a workshop, she asked wether I had gotten the house, I told her no but am going to pay some brokers to help us. She said she had got a house in Ntinda and it’s in a serene environment and every about the house is just fine. I said ‘okay, if you like it, I can not say no because I love you’.

“So, we moved in and she openly told me that the owner is in USA and her friend is a caretaker, so she will be the one to receive the money.

“Everything was okay for all those years until May 2021 when everything became fishy. I delayed to pay rent as I was clearing some bills but she was putting me on pressure that I should pay rent early. She was not happy with me for almost a week and was always rude to me.

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“One day, she went out to shop and forgot one of her phones at home and her brother called, he later sent the message; ‘Has he told you when he is paying?’ So, I became curious and hacked into her phone, I read all the messages.

“This house was given to her by her late dad before his death and the money has been going to building another house in Masaka.
So I kept calm and never told her anything to cool off her suspicion, I paid rent to her friend and now I know a friend as her cashier.

“Before the expiration of that rent, I told her I have got a cheaper and convenient house for us. She boldly said, we are not leaving here. She said ‘if we leave this house, am filing for a divorce.’ I told her am not going to pay rent until that USA landlord contacts me or gives me an eviction notice.

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“I have been paying Shs900,000 per month which accounts to Shs54 million in the past 60 months we have spent here. What should I do with this woman? We have a-2-year-old girl.”


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